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  • Public opening is wednesday at 6.30pm
  • Ponctual appointments are from monday to thursday from 14h to 18h
  • Project leaders and teams can access at any moment

1 Rue du Luizet, 69100 Villeurbanne | +33(0)4 26 64 36 16

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  • WG Finance
  • WG Strategy & Ethics
  • WG Project
  • WG Information Technology
  • WG Intellectual Property

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A common(s)-based citizen laboratory

La Myne provides access to a shared hybrid open-space in the heart of the Rhone-Alpes region, gathering the functions of a hacklab - open community laboratory - a workshop - a co-working space - shared workspace and network - and a living space. La Myne is at the service of the experimentation and development of sustainable citizen research projects. It’s an open-source ‘tiers-lieu’ for transitions or a space for freedom and free experimentation, in short, it’s an open citizen laboratory.

La Myne is a citizen research and experimentation laboratory dedicated to transition states by and for the commons. Combining all types of citizens reflections, whether personal or collective, the projects supported by la Myne are at the interface of art, technology and technics, science and society. It’s then also a pre-incubator for sustainalb eresearch projects.

La MYNE is a community hub making it possible to facilitate and fluidify collaboration through resources sharing and gathering. Its mission : making links and networking, favoring serendipity and synergies, porposing an open-design framework to catalyse a wide diversity of skills, expertises and knowledge for peer-to-peer learning.

An interdisciplinary community for sustainable living

La Myne aims at extending the appropriation of academic research beyong the walls and based on the DIY philosophy, and by extension the Do It Together. It’s about learning by doing and experimenting. La Myne tries to help to reclaim what’s already your and to experiment on such complex subjects as those related to the living, to digital, or social aspects. What drives us? Just Fucking Do It #JFDI ! Following the adage of Nelson Mandela: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” the community is experimenting with new forms of organizations and innovative technical systems … So what are we waiting for? YOU! Do it yourself TOGETHER!

A mode of open governance

Since December 2015, La Myne has dissolved its’ traditional board for a more open and democratic governance model, the College Board. Each member and anyone curious are invited to join the monthly meetings of the College Board to contribute to La Myne project. To meet on operational issues, a group meets every week around the Brain Trust and various work groups were formed to develop further activities.