La MYNE is an citizen laboratory for citizens experimenting the future. We are a Third-Party-Place by the common(s).

#Anthropocene #Transitions #TiersLieux #Commons

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Open Spaces, Meeting and Sharing

Share physical and virtual spaces to meetp, share, work and experiment.

Research, Experimentation and Prototyping

Explore, investiguate and address complelx questions in society in transtion(s) through situated research.

Appropriation, Contribution and Autonomy

Emancipate by doing and contribute to the construction of a (informational) common patrimoine facilitatingn autonomization.

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Welcoming calendar


1st friday every month - Project MeetUp

1st friday every month - Project MeetUp

Meet around a drink, share and follow-up on the projects' progress. Welcome to discuss your ideas on a convivial environment.

All wednesday evening - Sessions Ox[Y]Gen

All wednesday evening - Sessions Ox[Y]Gen

From 6.30pm to 9.00pm we welcome you at our Ox[Y]Gen open sessions at la MYNE's place. You will always find someone.

Some projects

L'Atelier Soudé - Co-Repairing

L’Atelier Soudé proposes to anyone to bring their broken devices in order to repair it together with tools , skills and ideas brought by everyone. It enables to repair at a low-cost those devices while learning how to repair it in a good mood !

Kuuki - Air pollution sensor

Kuuki is an air pollution sensor citizen project aiming the apporpriation of environmental data by anyone. How the understanding of environmental data is able to enhance the engagement of inhabitants in bringing ways to improve their environment ?

DAISEE - Energy As Commons

DAISEE is a research program and contributive scientific community dedicated to complex question in the field of transitions (more particularly energy transition) by the commons. DAISEE relies on contributive research approaches to cultivate open-knowledge on energy transition.