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Decentralized Autonomous Interconnected Systems for Energy Efficiency



IsOE - The Internets of Energy

The long term purpose of The DAISEE project is building the “internets of energy”.

What does it mean ? The development of open-source secured decentralized autonomous energy production system and consumption monitoring, in line with building micro-grid infrastructures, thus enabling trusted peer-to-peer energy transaction.

  • Energy Monitoring: how to securely monitor energy consumption and production from a open-source basis ? => #OpenEnergyMonitor #CitizenWatt #OpenHardware #Slockit
  • Energoïd: on the monitoring basis, how to make rooms / objects take consensual decisions while dealing energy-tokken between them about who’s consuming what/when/ how they contribute to energy consumption reduction ? #Ethereum #smartcontract
  • Trusted P2P energy transactions: how to make it possible to make peer-to-peer energy transaction at the district level, at the town level, at the territory level… ? #microgrid #peertopeer #ethereum #smartcontract #DApps #regulation #infrastructure

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