Manufacture of Ideas and New Experiments

A Common(s) based Tiers-Lieu for Transitions - #TILIOS

A Space for Freedom, Experimentations
and Citizen Innovation

Projet Hackuaponie

Open Spaces, Meeting and Sharing

Physical and virtual spaces for meeting, exchanging, sharing, working and experimentnig: The Seri[O]us Space - for Coworking, the N[O]t So Seri[O]us Space - for Cotalking, the Lab[O] - for experimentation, the Atel[I]er - for creation, th Garden - for permaculture' desires, and the Community.

Research, Experimentation and Prototyping

Research is at the heart of the activities that are supported by la MYNE: it's relying on free and open experimentation, within physical spaces and beyond. It's an undefined space for freedom and experimentation at the service of sustainable citizen projects.

Appropriation, Contribution and Autonomy

Autonomy through appropriation of sciences and technics, and world cmplexity along with doing and peer-to-peer learning is facilitated and enabled by everyone's contribution. Commons are both a value and a practice for empowerment : anyone can contribute and learn.

‘We all are born researcher in the sens of the one experimenting, testing and validating or not his/her hypethesis thourgh the experience of life, or the inventor who goes to the discovery of the possible’ - L’Aventure Ordinaire, Yearly 2015 report from La Paillasse Saône.

La MYNE, un espace pour tous

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Hack, cooperate, work ?

Michel Lallement and Marie-Christine Bureau, researchers in sociology at the LISE (CNAM) laboratory, are presenting their work on the cooperation and organisation stakes in french and american tiers-leux.

Acting local with a global strength !

Because the community of La MYNE is based on new forms of partnerships, collaboration and collective intelligence, it is part of a intimately interconnected ecosystem.

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Meet us

 Cocooning Project

Cocooning Project

Every Tuesday from 4.30 PM to 5.30PM the Cocooning Project session are time and space dedicated to the projects yet supported by la MYNE or to come in order to meet around issues that require to be tackle in groups and-or with specific knowledge or know-how. It's peer-to-peer 'office hours'.

Project MeetUp

Project MeetUp

Meet the people behind the projects and la MYNE community every 1st friday of the month usually at 6PM. An opportunity to get together around a drink, share and follow-up on the projects' progress.

Sessions Ox[Y]Gen

Sessions Ox[Y]Gen

La MYNE welcomes you every Wednesdays starting from 18.00 to 21.00 during our open sessions Ox[Y]Gen at la MYNe's place. You will always find someone to present our last activites and who we are.